• Usually a Landlord can ask to provide a proof of income, your photo ID, and to complete an application.
  • A deposit is not required, usually your last month rent is required when your application is approved, and your first month rent is due before moving into your apartment.
  • Some landlords may require renters’ insurance, so it’s crucial to clarify this and understand the coverage needed.
  • Inquire about lease duration options and whether lease renewals are possible, as well as any potential rent increases.
  • Understand how maintenance requests are submitted, response times, and the responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant.
  • Ask about laundry facilities, whether they are on-site or off-site, and if there are any associated costs.
  • Inquire about available parking spaces, whether they are reserved or first-come, first-served, and if there are any additional parking fees.
  • Ask about the safety of the area, any security features in the apartment complex, and if there have been any recent security incidents.
Please remember that these questions can vary depending on your specific needs and concerns, so feel free to tailor them to your situation when speaking with a potential landlord or property manager.